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Kreemo attracts 8 billion won investment … "Targeting the ultra-high frequen...


Cho Kwang Paint "Remove by painting 5G shaded areas"


LGU+ Wins Prime Minister's Award for Next-Generation Antenna Technology 'RIS'


LG U+ to verify RIS for 6G with Pohang University of Science and Technology


IMS2022 in Denver(Colorado, USA)


LAT Developed Transparent Reflector for 5G Shaded Area with Pohang University o...


LGU+ begins verification of 6G antenna technology 'RIS'

Chokwang Paint, developed the world's first '5G Shading area removal paint' with ...

KREEMO and Sivers Semiconductors announced that they have successfully demonstrat...

KREEMO and Sivers Semiconductors Develop Transparent Antenna-on-Display Module

CommunicAsia 2022

Sivers Semiconductors and KREEMO Announce the World's First Metaverse 360º 5G module

MWC2022 Barcelona

KREEMO “5G-optimized special antenna, we are the world’s first”

Kreemo develops the world's first transparent built-in display antenna

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