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Cho Kwang Paint "Remove by painting 5G shaded areas"

Cho Kwang Paint "Remove by painting


5G shaded areas"




POSTECH Demonstrates Paint Reflector
Remove blind spots without devices
5G6G Expected to Improve Its Global Competitiveness
Commercialization expected in 1-2 years at the earliest





Professor Hong Won-bin of POSTECH and CEO Kreemo explains at a demonstration of paint to reduce the shading of 5G light paint at Pohang University of Science and Technology on the 18th. >




Chokwang Paint succeeded in developing the world's first paint to relieve 5G shadow. It is a technology for implementing intelligent reflective surfaces (RIS) that stably transmits 5G radio waves through reflectors with paint. Its intention is to continue developing future materials and expand its scope beyond simple paint markets to global chemical and material industries.

Chokwang Paint held a demonstration of '5G paint to solve 5G shaded areas' (5G paint) at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) on the 18th. The demonstration was joined by Professor Hong Won-bin's team from POSTECH, who participated in the joint development, and KeySite Technology, a company specializing in instruments in Kreemo and electronics.

The demonstration was held to confirm the functionality of 5G paint and the possibility of commercialization. Until now, 28GHz millimeter wave band, which is used in 5G communication technology, has been pointed out as a disadvantage in the occurrence of shadow, which weakens transmission reception in some areas due to its strong radio wave straightness. To solve the problem, a large repeater or booster had to be installed.

5G paint can eliminate radio wave shading without a separate device. The 5G paint applied to the indoor space acts as a reflector, thereby transmitting radio waves entering the room. The reflection angle can be freely adjusted according to the propagation incident angle. It is eco-friendly because it does not require a separate power device. Jokwang paint is the world's first reflector technology that eliminates radio shading through paint.

The demonstration was conducted by making a model of a house made of plywood similar to the indoor environment. At the top and bottom ends of the model that simulates the interior space of the building, 28GHz 5G transceiver and a transmission antenna that simulates the terminal were placed. 5G radio waves, which failed to reach the terminal in a curved indoor space, reached the terminal stably after installing two paint reflectors.

Professor Hong Won-bin, who conducted the demonstration, said, "The advantage is that we can freely adjust the reflection angle because we make reflectors using paints. We will work with Chokwang Paint to enhance global competitiveness in 5G and 6G telecommunication fields."

It is predicted that 5G paint technology will be applied to various fields such as defense, ships, and aviation as well as smart cities and smart factories in the future. It can also be used to build 6G communication infrastructure based on sub terahertz band, which is expected to be commercialized in the future. Chokwang Paint is planning to develop B2B (Business-to-Business) products as well as B2C (Business-to-Consumer) products. Commercialization is expected to take place as early as one or two years. Its goal is to release ultra-high-end products by end of this year in cooperation with leading domestic and foreign mobile carriers.

Cho Kwang Paint has been rein in future food investment since the inauguration of its founder Yang Sung-ah in 2018. In the same year, it established the R&D center "Inno Center" in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, and established a subsidiary "CKEM Solution" in 2021 to create a heat dissipation material for electric vehicle batteries "TIM". It also set up a global business hub by setting up factories in the U.S. and Hungary last year.

It is also planning to use 5G paint as a stepping stone for expansion of new businesses. The project is an opportunity to show the possibility of expanding beyond the simple paint market to the chemical and material industry, said Innoel Cho, executive director of the Chokwang Paint Solution Center. "We will develop new materials for paint, which are essential for future growth industries, and lay the foundation for sustainable growth."

Staff Reporter Min, Kyung-ha

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