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Kreemo attracts 8 billion won investment … "Targeting the ultra-high frequency antenna market"
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  • Aug 30, 2023
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Kreemo attracts 8 billion won investment … "Targeting the ultra-high frequency antenna market"

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Kreemo, a developer of ultra-high frequency antenna technology and radio frequency (RF) modules, has attracted 8 billion won worth of Series A investment. Based on its investment, it is planning to target domestic and foreign antenna markets by commercializing transparent display antennas developed last year.

Kreemo made the announcement on the 29th that it has attracted new investments in recognition of its products and technology, including transparent antennas that can be combined with various materials and ultra-small, high-efficiency wide-angle coverage antenna modules that have twice the range of radio transmission and reception (coverage) as before. Seven companies including KB Investment, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, and Wonik Investment Partners participated in the series A investment.

Kreemo developed a transparent display antenna last year that can simultaneously realize opposite characteristics of high antenna output and wide-angle beam steering in ultra-high frequency bands over 10GHz. Its characteristic is that it can increase space utilization by combining antennas and displays into one and smoothly transmit and receive high-capacity data at 360 degrees.

5G mobile communication has a faster communication speed than Long Term Evolution (LTE) and has a larger data size to transmit and receive, which will inevitably increase the number of high-performance antennas mounted on terminals. Taking this into account, Kreemo succeeded in creating an array antenna invisible to the human eye with a thin microelectrode in the display panel. The antenna and display are combined into one, and the display touch sensor function can be used as it is.

The company plans to expand domestic and foreign customers with the strength of transparent display antennas. It is discussing joint development for commercialization with North American smartphone manufacturers that have demands for 5G 28GHz antennas. In order to commercialize 5G RF antenna modules, it will also promote cooperation with domestic and foreign small base station manufacturers for routers and in-buildings.

Target markets include domestic and foreign communication terminal manufacturers that use 5G 28GHz band, satellite communication, and 6G dedicated terminal and equipment manufacturers that will utilize ultra-high frequency bands. The company is currently securing telecommunication businesses in North America, global smartphone manufacturers, and micro base station manufacturers for in-building as major customers.

Park Joon-ho, co-CEO of Kreemo, said, "The ultra-high frequency band antenna market is also growing due to increased demand for millimeter waves (radio waves of 30~300GHz and wavelength 1~10mm). With the Series A investment, we will not only commercialize transparent display antenna technology for smartphones and satellite terminals, but also develop 60GHz transparent display antenna solutions, and various ultra-high frequency band sensors with coverage."

Hong Won-bin, a professor at Pohang University of Science and Technology (co-CEO Kreemo), said, "Kreemo is an antenna specialized company composed of millimeter wave antenna experts and will lead the mobile communication antenna and RF market by utilizing new ultra-high frequency antenna technology developed by itself."

Staff Reporter Park, Jongjin

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