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Enjoy ultra fast, low cost Wireless, Defense, Sensor, SATCOM Services
anywhere using KREEMO’s Full Dimension (FD) Antenna Solutions


(Transparent Antenna on Display)

Offering 360° coverage with the current 5G AiP

World’s first 5G mmWave antenna on touch screen

* Manufactured by Dongwoo Fine-Chem, KREEMO’S partner

Key Features

  • No. ANT/RF ports: 8 electronically controllable RF channels (Model A: 4-element dual-pol elements)
  • RF Frequency: 26.5 – 29.5 GHz (5G NR n257 band)
  • Realized Gain: 8.8 dBi @28 GHz
  • Thickness of AoD film: < 50 μm
  • Can be customized
  • Now Available!


TabletㆍSmart TVㆍSmart PhoneㆍWearableㆍAR/VRㆍNotebook

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