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Kreemo develops the world's first transparent built-in display antenna

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Discussing with global partners on a supply issue

Venture company Kreemo developed the world's first built-in display antenna. Kreemo is in close discussion with four major North American customers to commercialize the technology. Kreemo accelerates its entrance into the global market with its unique antenna technology optimized for Metaverse.

The transparent antenna on display (AOD) developed by Kreemo is characterized by smooth 360-degree high-capacity data transmission and reception.
5G mobile communication has a faster communication speed than Long Term Evolution (LTE) and a larger size of data transmitted and received.There is an increase in number of high-performance antennas mounted on devices. However, it is difficult to increase the size of the device for user convenience.
Kreemo made a new attempt to combine an antenna and a display into one. It increases space utilization and enables smooth 360-degree data transmission and reception.
Existing display touch sensor function will be still available. The key is to make an array antenna invisible to the human eye with thin microelectrodes in the display panel.
Existing antennas will be installed on the back or side of the device. Only signals coming from the back or side of the device can be sent and received. There is no problem when sending and receiving low-frequency signals, but signal interference occurs when sending and receiving large amounts of data such as metaverse. In particular, if you hold the device by hand or place it on a cradle, then the signal interference is at its maximum.
The built-in display antenna can be mounted on high-definition screens and glasses in organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) or liquid crystal displays (LCDs) of smartphones, augmented reality (AR), and game devices. The design element is excellent with an invisible transparent antenna. The built-in antenna is manufactured by a partner company, Dongwoo Fine-Chem.
This technology has come close to going commercial. Kreemo is currently in discussions with four major North American companies for joint development and cooperation of new products. It is expected to produce significant results within a year.
Kreemo is under the spotlight in the industry by securing antenna technology optimized for 5G metaverse. Kreemo is a company founded by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Professor Won-bin Hong of at Pohang University of Science and Technology. It was recently selected as one of the 100 Startups in Materials, Parts, and Equipment.
The 5G stacked patch antenna developed by Kreemo was also under the spotlight. Kreemo recently signed a business partnership with MixComm, a U.S. 5G communication technology company, and started developing a 5G module that smoothly receives 360-degree content.
Kreemo antenna technology is expected to become a metaverse antenna platform in the rapidly-growing global market.
Jun-ho Park, Co-CEO of Kreemo, said, “Kreemo’s world’s first antenna technology with 360-degree beam coverage will provide users with seamless hyper-connection and ultra-realistic services, and it will contribute to vitalizing the metaverse market. We plan to participate in the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 and showcase our unrivaled technology.”

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