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Kreemo develops the world's first transparent built-in display antenna

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) MixComm & KREEMO

Wonbin Hong, the CEO of KREEMO, was selected as one of 33 Y-KAST members.

Signed MOU with Mixcomm & KREEMO

KREEMO was Selected as one of the top 100 startups korea in recognition of techno...

KREEMO was selected as the representative 1000 innovative companies in Korea.

ANSYS Korea supports selection of 20 startups in promising industries through ‘AS...

Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Selected as 8 companies support...

5G, 6G antenna market to break through industry-university cooperation

KREEMO got a chance to make a foray into the US.

KREEMO AoD partner Dongwoo Fine Chem MWC 2021 participated

KREEMO and TMYTEK Develops a mmWave 5G Development Kit

MIA 2nd GS test from 2021/1/20 thru 2021/1/21

Formation of next-generation 5G consortium including POSTECH-KREEMO-SKT-CORNING

KREEMO was certified as a venture company after being judged as suitable by the v...

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