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ANSYS Korea supports selection of 20 startups in promising industries through ‘ASK’ program

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date 21-10-05 17:02


[Digital Economic News Reporter Park Si-hyun] ANSIS Korea, along with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Korea Startup Promotion Agency, and the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, selects 20 major startups in the future industry through the "ASK" program and supports them for a total of eight months until March 2022.

The 20 companies recruited under the "ASK" program announced in June are promising companies in future industries such as autonomous driving, 5G, healthcare, and energy, and were selected to reduce development costs of manufacturing-based start-ups and upgrade core digital transformation capabilities. Technology, originality, and marketability to enter the global market were evaluated first.

The 20 selected companies are ▲Langtek ▲Pemtory ▲Foodport ▲KREEMO ▲Lova ▲Ace Lab ▲TM Solutions ▲Mars ▲Javis ▲Double UNS ▲Sinstar Presents ▲Opto Electronics ▲Eflow ▲Devine Technology ▲WellsMeditek International ▲O's Eve.

In the process of operating the "ASK" program, ANSIS Korea will not only provide start-up companies with the software necessary for product design and production, but also fully utilize the professional manpower and capabilities of global simulation software to support education and consulting in various fields.

Selected companies will be provided with a simulation-based product development environment that meets global standards so that they can develop high value-added products and diversify their portfolios to strengthen global competitiveness.

In addition, it plans to provide various benefits such as ▲ online and offline technology training ▲ 1:1 consulting with internal and external experts ▲ participation in global events and demonstration support, and to provide opportunities for business trend seminars, localization monetization strategies, professional technology coaching, distribution network linkage, marketing promotion and investment.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups will provide up to 300 million won in start-up commercialization funds to selected companies. The Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology has organized a "GIST Bizton & Design Camp" with an advisory group of the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and external experts to attract investment from start-up companies and enter the global market.

GIST Bizton & Design Camp not only helps selected companies establish growth strategies and business models, but also provides funds to design new products based on consumer needs and improve the design of existing products.

There is also a "GIST Customized Investment Community" that includes mentoring with VCs, supporting IR data production, and customized investment briefings only for 10 of the selected companies. In addition, there are benefits that support IP securing strategy education and intellectual property application/registration costs to protect intellectual property rights of selected companies.

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