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Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Selected as 8 companies supporting the commercialization of ‘2021 Materials/Parts/Equipment Startup 100’

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date 21-10-05 16:50


The Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Center Director Hwang Yoon-kyung, hereinafter Seoul Center) announced on the 1st that it has finally selected 8 out of 12 candidate companies fostered by the Seoul Center as commercialization support companies for the 2021 Materials, Parts and Equipment Startup 100 project. 

The "Material, Parts, Equipment Startup 100" project has been in progress since 2020 to help revitalize startups in the materials, parts, and equipment sectors, which are the core of manufacturing competitiveness, and set up five areas of complex materials, industrial Internet of Things (IoT), convergence bio, eco-friendly, and smart engineering, and selected 40 candidate companies in August. Candidate companies had a period of upgrading their business strategies through 8 million won in business model (BM) advancement support and mentoring in September, and 20 companies were finally selected by conducting a final evaluation. In order to increase fairness, a professional evaluation team and a national evaluation team conducted the final evaluation together. 

The Seoul Center finally selected eight startups in four areas. 1 company in the complex material field ▲ Innosia (CEO Park Chan-seok), 3 companies in the industrial IoT field ▲ KREEMO (CEO Park, John Joonho / Hong, Wonbin), ▲ Deepx (CEO Kim Nok-won), ▲ Security Platform (CEO Hwang Profit), 3 companies in the convergence bio field ▲ Small Machines (CEO Choi Jun-kyu), ▲Sphein (CEO) ▲Geun Co., Ltd., Ltd. 

According to the Seoul Center, Inosia Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Chan-seok, development of glass ink for chemical reinforcement of display 3D cover glass) in the field of composite materials obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2020. It aims to commercialize it in Korea through the development of ceramic ink that can be applied to the world's first thin-film glass chemical reinforcement.  

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